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First off, I'm not cheating because, technically, he's not my ex. It's just that, knowing him, he'll tell you otherwise and give you a completely different story. The truth is, among many other things, I'm not the bad guy. And I'm not a victim either. I am a survivor. Wait, that didn't come out right. How can I be a survivor without being a victim first?

It was a narrow escape. Figuratively, of course. Yes, it's best to spell it out; otherwise, he'll find a way to twist my words. See? Why would I want to be with anyone so manipulative? I'm not the smartest person in the room, but please, give me some credit.

Sure, he got me to say yes. He got me to go out with him, but! That's literally just it. The only thing he got me to do was to say "yes", not accept his proposal. He got me to go out with him, multiple times, sure, but none of them were dates, if you get what I mean.

Look, when someone says, "Can we talk about something important over coffee?" is that the same as going on a date? To him, it is.

I only knew him for a month! Sure, he was eloquent. That, I admit, I found attractive... But not enough to go out with him... I mean, to date him, ew... My mistake was to be a Good Samaritan to him. He was pretty serious when he first approached me. As a friend, he would have been fine. But when he became clingy... And to top it off, I learn from someone other than him, that we were supposedly dating... The nerve!

But I thought of giving him a chance... Not dating him, but to tell me outright what he thinks is going on between us... And guess what? Not even a single "I love you" from him, in any of those "important coffee sessions." He'll deny it, I'm sure. Actions speak louder than words, I'm sure. What. A. Poser.

Sure, let him pay for the coffee. And the snacks. And the meals. And the "thank you" movie and popcorn. All I wanted to be was to be a good friend and he uses me as a trophy whatnot. Let him pay for everything. Vengeance will come and it will be sweet.

And Vengeance did come and he was sweet. And the name of Vengeance was "Carlo". He said that he loved me. He was clear about asking me out and dating me. That's why I'm dating him still.

Now, going back to... our mutual friend. He can lament all he wants. I don't care. Right now I have nothing but Grade A contempt towards him. He can brag about his efforts, he can scream out on the rooftops how much he loves me. He can even tell other people how I, supposedly, broke his heart. How I didn't even give him the decency of a breakup. Why should I give him that decency? We were never us in the first place!

Let him turn the tables, let him turn me into the manipulative one. But the story of "us", that is simply not true. On that, I have to speak out, even if he hasn't brought it up in public yet. I just have "Carlo" in mind, and all this is so unfair to "Carlo."

So let this be a warning to anyone who reads this: if at any time in the future read a post here, in exesanonymous.com, from a guy who claims he gave everything and was left with nothing, please take it with a grain of salt.

Oh, and P.S. Good luck to the “July, Red, Concrete” I really hope you find your true love.

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