The end of a relationship can be messy, embarrassing, and sometimes even too difficult to understand. But telling these tales helps us all to cope and, more importantly, to build empathy towards our former significant others. The fact that we have stories to share is proof enough that life, however it looks now, goes on. After all, we've lived to tell the tale.

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What is exesanonymous.com?

  • It's an online collection of stories on how exes became exes.

  • In its original form, it's a full-length play that can be staged by theatre enthusiasts, even those with limited resources.

  • The play was written by Dr. Joem Antonio, a teacher and writer.

  • It won the 2nd Prize for Full-length Play in English at the 67th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards.

  • It's also a writing exercise for beginning and seasoned writers alike.

If you're not sure where to go from here, it's best that you start reading the stories.